• Handmade item
  • Materials: Brushed Aluminium, Aluminum, Metal
  • Ships worldwide from Brooklyn, New York
  • Aluminum cast sculpted 3D print
  • 3D print
  • 8"x3"x9"
  • Designed by Ralph S. Steenblik

    Flowers not included. :)        
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Birth Vase 诞生花瓶

This sculpted, 3D printed vase is conceived out of deep contemplation of new life. The form depicts the process of two entities coming together to form anew. In a sense, it is a family tree: father, mother, and child. The vase's bisected nature creates two water vessels, making it possible for the florist to carefully and creatively sculpt a unique arrangement. Substantially, their curvilinear, organic form also expresses the twin ideas of motion, and things unfolding over time. This is extended further by the vase's lip, which aims upward, suggesting the next generation's yearning towards the future.