Joanna Maria Daoud

Freelance Architect and Adjunct Professor at Wenzhou University, China.

Joanna Maria Daoud joined phi architecture in 2019 after working at TheOtherDada in 2014 and DNA Architects in 2013 in  Beirut.

Alongside her architectural practice, Joanna has taught at Notre Dame Louaize University in Beirut and Wenzhou University in China.

Joanna believes in architecture that gives identity to the space and reflect local culture, traditions, climate and aspects of contemporary lifestyle. Specialized in sustainable architecture, she always aims to create a healthy built environment that encompasses nature and human comfort.

Joanna holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Architectural Design, (2014) and Bachelor’s Degree in History and Conservation of Architecture, (2012)  from Turin Polytechnic. In 2012 she has won an EU scholarship and studied Urban Design at American University of Beirut. Her research on sustainable passive waste water treatment was presented at City Street 2 Conference in Beirut.

contact: jmdaoud@phi.archi