Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden 彩虹蝴蝶公园

Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden is building a legacy surrounding children with magic and education inspired by nature.  We are a non-profit scholarship foundation that awards scholarships every spring to students who need speech and occupational therapies.  The indoor butterfly garden that we are constructing goes hand in hand with our scholarship program.  It will be a learning environment that will be fun and interactive while encouraging students to learn something new everywhere they go.  We want to instill in the children who visit that even things which seem small and insignificant (like a caterpillar) have the ability to grow into something that is inspiring and soars through the sky (like the butterfly).  The butterfly garden will continue to fund our scholarship program through through the gift shop and the entrance fee which will be equivalent to the  price as a movie ticket. Our team is passionate and dedicated, and 100% volunteer based which allows our donations and grant monies to be put towards the highest good. Building this garden is love in the truest form. It has been a lesson in determination, passion, compromise, and gratitude. Thank you for your support of our efforts to encourage children to keep learning.

Project Team: Landscape: Eric Whitemyer, Sustainability Consultant: Andrew Carman

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