TIMEless, an exhibition exploring 4D Space 永恒,探索4D空间的展览

Film influences the profession of architecture through its speculative spaces which are removed from the constraints of reality. The creative process for entertainment as well as spaces for life and work share common ground, serving as inspiration in the creation of the architecture of tomorrow.

The exhibit features over 100 works from award winning designers, architects, filmmakers, artists, and musicians– including ten commissioned interactive installations. Design critic and planner, Sam Hall Kaplan, exclaimed that architecture has finally been shown in a new and exciting perspective, as a place in time: "It is really the way we experience architecture, temporal and temporary.” 




Curator Ralph Spencer Steenblik
Curator Martin Roy Mervel AIA
Book Layout Naomi Scully
Tiffany Shaw Collings
Chris Martin
Adriana McElwain
Henry Dominguez
Taylor J. Hayes
Luis Orozco
Alison Pinsler
Christian Contreras
film editor Ben Brooksby

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